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The Warsaw Pact, not to be confused with the 20th Century organisation of the same name, is an alliance in CYOC, currently comprised of Cyberain, New Jamaica and the NPE. Former members include Zargaria and Aiur. The organisation is noted for the strength of the alliances - it has lasted much longer than other nations and has always fulfilled its obligations to its members


In order to become a member of the Warsaw Pact, a country must simply have the agreement of all the other members. This means that other nations may impose other conditions. Cyberain, for instance, insists on a democratic society and a fair degree of intelligence. It may also be assumed that a fair degree of military prowess is required, as well as alignment with the WSP

Rivalry with DjinnakenEdit

The organisation has traditionally been opposed to Djinnaken, going to war a number of times, though this is unlikely to happen again in the near future. Cyberain maintains a claim on behalf of the organisation on Poland, which is currently occupied by Djinnaken.