The Voided War was a conflict between Finland, Germany and Norway, that occurred between the Roast Goose War and Possidetis War. While the war was voided and thus never happened, it is illustrative of tensions between the three nations.


In 2086, Finland faked a terrorist attack against a Finnish genetics research laboratory by the Norwegian Army. In the Finnish version of events, Norwegian soldiers still wearing their dog tags crossed the border with a bomb made of land mines,
which would not only never work, but the serial numbers of the mines would reveal them to have been safely disarmed earlier. (The land mines used in the bomb had been planted in the Roast Goose War by the Norwegians and had since been safely disarmed.) Alarmed, Germany sent 5,000 soldiers to assist Norway in the event that war would break out. Finland did indeed declare war.


Finland began by sending 40 multiroles to attack Andenes, assisted by 2,000 men in infantry fighting vehicles, brought to the area by hovercraft. Assuming they succeeded in taking the airport there, 4,000 men, 410 artillery units and 75 tanks were to be airlifted into the area. Further assuming that worked, they were to secure the immediate area and then take Risoyahm.

At the border, 30 tanks, 200 infantry fighting vehicles, 240 artillery units and 40 airplanes were to invade. Another 40 planes were to attack the Norwegian Navy while another 20 dropped anti-runway bombs on roads.

Germany then retaliated by sending 75 planes to intervene. Norway then activated anti-aircraft units and sent up fifty fighters.

Finland then sent 40 more multiroles to assist in the aerial border, sent 2 bombers with escorts of 4 each to bomb Norway, sent a submarine to launch missiles in order to defend their navy and ordered their ground vehicles to launch smoke grenades.

Norway proceeded to construct a defensive line, lay even more mines and launch anti-missile missiles at the missiles launched by the submarine.

The Void:Edit

At this point, moderation finally intervened, announcing that there would be foreign intervention if Finland continued the attack. Before the war, moderation had been unclear on whether foreign intervention would even be allowed under any circusmtances in future wars due to a change in the Nation Creation Platform. Due to this, the Voided War was voided.


This war had no consequences besides continuing hostilities between Olaf, Pen Par and Luimnigh. The real consequences were to come in the Possidetis War.