The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an NPC-led organiztion, from previous Nation Creation games, was formed by America and Europe in order to combat the high threats faced during the Cold War from Russia and the Warsaw Pact (WSP). To many countries in western Europe, NATO was a beacon of hope in the dark that the USSR and the USA had started.

NATO began to dissolve when one of her member states, Norway, was invaded during the Roast Duck War. Germany did commit to the call by Norway, but because of lack of aid from other NATO member states and because of Russian intervention, Germany and the North African Re
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public forced to pulled out.

NATO was heavily criticized, further decreasing the NATO's power. Due to time and similar incidents on a smaller scale, NATO was reduced to a mere five countries, at least one of which, Portugal, is in there due to a conflict with the United States regarding overseas territories.

Current member states include:-
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  1. U(S)K
  2. US
  3. Austria
  4. Canada
  5. Portugal