The Middle Eastern Kingdoms, or Saudi Arabia, was founded in 1950 in the country of Saudi Arabia. Under its rule, the country has expanded to Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain, and Qatar, establishing its domanice in the Arabian Peninsula. The Country has also established itself as the leadering developer of Interstellar travel technology and space technology, hosting the best space travel technology of all world power. Known for its vast oil reserves, the Saudi Arabian people have since left oil in the late 20th and early 21st century for a more industrial manufacturing based economy. Saudi Arabia still has the largest oil reserves of any country, and also has the largest hydrocarbon reserves, and Helium-3 fusion fuel reserves of most nations, keeping it at an Enregy Superpower.

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The Gallery is to show what the 5th Fleet is supposed to look like. It also shows a few battle scences that show how dominate the fleet is.

I've also left out the production ships, as they don't represent what builds my fleet.