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The below page was created in protest of two players being allowed to destroy a superpower easily in Nation Creation, and was subject to a large edit war. The decision was later reversed. This page is being kept for historical purposes.

On June 27, 2011, two people were able to take over all of China with technology deemed overpowered by the populace in two posts. Now, we, of many names, have come to WAGE WAR AND PILLAGE YE VILLAGE!

Leaders of the RevolutionEdit

These are the men who are leading the revolution to glory!

The Beggining of the RevolutionEdit

When we realized that something needed to be done, we got it done. Then, we began realizing other things. We realized that other things needed a swift get done, so we got those done. Then the get dones were not done enough, so we got done them again. ?????????????????


History of the RevolutionEdit

The Revolution can trace its origins back to small protests made by small groups of Nation Creation players against 123.
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