The Conjoiners was a country in Nation Creation that was based in outer space. They were noted for their fast expansion rate.


The Conjoiners where formed by the Merge of the Eldarian and Rodinian nations into a single entity, ruled co-operatively by Rache Glock and Ranthar Wane. They swiftly made a name for themselves as they produced highly advanced tech and were very willing to wipe anyone who got in their way off the map.

Their mercenary nature was unveiled when Joe invaded Luimnigh. The Conjoiners provided Joe with operation "Boomstick", a surefire way of destroying Luimnigh's army. Boomstick was later unveiled to be a specialized nanite, christened "Cookiecutter," that was spread via water supply into an organism's bloodstream. Once in, the nanites would identify if the target was one of the two genetically engineered beings that Luimnigh used in his military. If so, then the nanites would then kill the targeted beings.

Their later exploits include, but are not limited to the destruction of hundreds of planets for mining, the massacre of Luimnigh's space empire with one shot and the legendary destruction of Signar with heat Resistant Chocolate.


The Conjoiners owned two primary planets in the CGI system, Arda and Rodina. They also controlled the Pern Star system and multiple constellations.


The Conjoiners were ruled in halves. Specifically, they were the Eldarian half and the Rodinian half. Other details are not available.
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Due to the Hive mind nature of the Conjoiners the nation was mostly a perfected socialist order.


Many races inhabited the Conjoiners Empire, foremost of whom are the Eldar elves and Rodinian humans, but later races include Halo Covenant races, Transformer like beings, sentient AI, and others.
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