Sithlord Man is a long-time veteran of CYOC and NC.

In Nature (from the British Wildlife Society)Edit

Reports have been rare about seeing the Sithlord man in his prime habitat. rumor has it, the Sithlord man lives in the western parts of the USA, and is known to be incredibly fast. Sighting this illiusive creature and capturing evidence of its speed usually leaves the viewer in shock about his incredible speed. Reports have had it that seeing this creature, causing so much shock, that the view can possibly become temporarily blind, suffer mild shock, and in worst case senarioes, suffer stroke, or cardiac arrest from shock (Althought highly unlikely). Those who have seen this mysterious creature have reported that the viewers have only seen glimpses of the creature, mainly found near local tracks, woodland trails, or any pave roads. Other reports have been told that it not a violent creature, and is quiet friendly, and will instead prefer to run at the sights of trouble.

He is known to play the games of Capture the Flag and Ultimate frisbee while with others.

This creature has been reported as far inland as the Northern Arizona regions, Tahoe regions, and Oregon region. Further siting from farther regions have incredibly rare.

It is expected that as of late August 2011, the Sithlord Man will make a migration to the higher-altitude areas of Arizona that is expected to last for 4 years. One of those two. Experts believe it will only return to its original climes during periods of the year that happen to coincide with college breaks. The Sithlord Man may also be sporting greek lettering due to recent changes.