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The Tau Signaria (TauS), the Signarian faction of Earth, was the last known nation bearing the title of Signar. This page is about the revealing of what "Signar" is and the legacy of the title itself.

The Kingdom, the Empire, and the Legion... (A Legacy)Edit

Signar was previously thought to be one of the many space empires from the CGI system; it's home planet named Qwantum.
However, new findings and readings describing Signarian-esque culture have pointed to the prescence of other great empires and nations in different worlds branding the term "Signarian" across our galaxy, the Milky Way. Although they are already long gone, neo-Signarian ideology has correctly theorized that "Signar" is actually a title well-known across the Universe bestowed to chosen nations by destiny, and that there have been many more worlds and nations throughout time that have had the honor to brand such a title. Factions who legitimately brand the title, "Signar", go through a centuries-long Tier system that measures and organizes their progress towards greatness.

The Tier SystemEdit

The Tier System is an organized scale that measures the progress of a nation considered worthy enough to be Signarian. Although it should be noted that not all Signarian factions have directly followed the Tier System unto becoming a grand legion.

Tier 0 - ClanEdit

Most Signarian factions start out as a series of closely allied clans who share the same ideals, customs, and plans for future endeavours. The term "clan" in this case is used very losely, and can be used to describe provinces, states, islands, or smaller nations. Upcoming nations at this stage tend to have significant military and economic prowess for their size, and are well known but are not a huge and important part of their homeworld. Not much is known about this tier as many Signarian factions tend to advance to the next stage quite quickly. The very early Signarians of Qwantum were at this Tier.


Tier 1 - KingdomEdit

Once Signarian "clans" form together to create one whole nation, they are known as a "Kingdom". This is the stage where Signarian idealogy and prescence starts entering the World stage. "Kingdoms" have a large and significant prescence in their homeworld and a superior technological prowess in their military. Signarian factions at this stage also possess moderate space technology and are just beginning to colonize other worlds. This Tier tends to be one of the longest of them all, as it takes more than 200 years for a faction to advance to an Empire. The U(S)K and the TKS, both the same Signarian faction of Earth, were at this Tier.

File:Signarian Marine.jpg

Tier 2 - EmpireEdit

Signarian factions who do manage to survive the "Kingdom" Tier and avoid extinction through Nuclear warfare become Empires. At this point, they either have full dominance of their homeworld or are one of the strongest space-faring nations based in their homeworld. This Tier is where finally Signarian factions can utilize the Warp and craft Warp Dials, the jewel of Warp technology and create sophisticated and uniquely original supportive and combative space technology. Signarian Empires last a very long time and are essentially undefeatable. Not much is known about the final stages of a Signarian Empire, but it is theorized that in the final stages of a Signarian Empire, important choices must be made that will either end in the destruction of the faction or the ascending of the faction into a Legion. The late Signarians of Qwantum and now recently TauS, the newly renamed Signarian faction of Earth, are at this Tier..


Final Tier - LegionEdit

More of a theory that has yet to be proven than anything else, the Signarian Legion is the final tier a faction can achieve. Signarian Legions are no longer nations, Empires, or Kingdoms, but are fully mobile and self-sustaining nomad armies. Signarian Legions are technologically and idealogically superior enough to remove the need for economy, politics, and civilization, giving them unparalleled power projection capabilities and absolute immunity to the evils that plague many other nations. Everyone works for the Greater Good and can fight. Although no known Signarian factions have advanced to the Legion stage; it is presumed that factions whom have reached Empire status made the wrong important choices in their final stages which resulted in their ultimate destruction.

Signarian IdealogyEdit

Signarian Idealogy centers heavily around an honor system based on friendship, loyalty, and trust. Signarian leaders tend to look for strong binding friendships with other nations rather than obligatory treaties and contracts. Signarians believe in the Greater Good, a pseudo-religious prophetic position in which Signarian factions ultimately become the protector of the Milky Way and the safegaurd of all evil. In this pseudo-religion, Signarians also look forward to helping other nations become space-faring, improving trade, and making close allies.

"The Machine Spirit" Edit

"The Machine Spirit" is a belief held by many advanced Signarians that associates the intelligence and processing capabilities of machines with their organic, living counterparts. (I.E. Signarians believe that machines with the memory and processing power that equals a human's brain is considered on the same level as a human being, while machines with the memory and processing power that equals a dog will be treated like one.) It should be noted that this belief only starts taking form once a Signarian faction's robotics and AI technology reaches an extremely advanced level and when certain protocol take place to prevent problems with the lesser robotic and mechanical community. "Dreadnoughts" and "Ultras", the bulk of the military robotics sector, are held at some of the highest respects, while commanding ones can even take charge of human squads. This belief formed as a measure to equalize the mechanical/robotic community with the human race by the Signarians of Qwantum.

Anti-Religious BeliefsEdit

A generally unheard of and more private belief of Signarian Idealogy, many Signarians tolerate religion but do not respect it. Signarian factions see religion and religious worship as something that belittles and discourages the populace and the advancement of a nation. Signarians also believe that religion and religious worship is demeaning for the person and the soul, and offer as a substitute for the people to look out for themselves instead. Many Signarians are either Atheist or Agnostic.

There can only be one...Edit

The centerpiece of all Signarian Idealogy, all Signarians share the same factual belief that only one faction in the entire Universe may bear the title of "Signar" at a time. This has proven time and time again throughout the years and through the ancient ruins of previous Signarian factions.

The Signarian Legion's SpacefleetEdit

List of Documented Signarian FactionsEdit

Template: _-=[|(Faction Name - Planet)|]=-_ +Tier Achieved+

The Factions are ordered from the earliest existing at the top to the latest one at the bottom.

_-=[|(Meridian Astra Signar - Lucilay Meridian)|]=-_ +Empire+

_-=[|(The Signarian Union of Watchguard - Jatol Beta)|]=-_ +Kingdom+

_-=[|(Signar - Qwantum)|]=-_ +Empire+

_-=[|(Signaria - Wellpon)|]=-_ +Kingdom+

_-=[|(Nar'Bro Signar - Marmerion)|]=-_ +Clan+

_-=[|(Signars of Corum - Corum Prime)|]=-_ +Empire+

_-=[|(Tau Signaria - Earth)|]=-_ +Empire+

_-=[|(Unknown - ???)|]=-_ +???+

All of the Factions listed here are long gone. The list documents the last tier they achieved before they were destroyed by whatever means.