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Shing is the currently neutral mastermind behind the creation of Belozay. He has been known to defend the laws of physics, argue with Luimnigh, be bad at geography, and make usually subtle references to Fallout.

About himEdit

Shing's real name is none of your business. He lives in America and may or may not be human. He loves ostriches, Runescape, and Fallout games. Recently, his play time on CYOC has lessened due to his interest in the actual game of Runescape. He recently recieved a divine sigil split of 62,743,000 coins. He has been known to admire 123xyz8 among others. He has participated in CYOC 21+, Remnants, CYOC Classic, and all unofficial threads created in the past year.

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    Shing lives by a code consisting of suggestions and guidelines he's learned through his travels. They are:
  • Communism is a lie
  • The Cake is a lie
  • Cake > Death
  • Nothing is ever spelled Phonetically
  • Democracy is non-negotiable
  • Always expect your future to end in a post-apocolyptic wasteland
  • Do not pray for easier lives, pray to be, stronger men
  • No brains, No life, No mercy

Questioning his credibilityEdit

Among the things that truely annoy him, questioning Shing's credibility is among the top. He has never been known to lie, however his word has been questioned before. He strives to prevent these instances as best he can, however.


Major Video Games:Edit


Fallout1/2/3/New Vegas


CoD: Zombies


Solution Unsatisfactory

Earth: The Book

The Zombie Survival Guide

World War Z









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