Currently one of the strongest countries on Earth in the previous version of Nation Creation, it is noted for the vast reserves of natural resources that it owns. Well known for its huge reserves of colossal submarines, and a huge Airforce. Russia also dominates the world's economy. Russia is commonly thought to be the seconf strongest - in terms of military, economy and politics - in the world.

Known activities:-

1991 - Break-up of the USSR.

2076 - Sending the Russian Navy and Russian Airforce in order to establish a war-free zone in the Batlic Sea during a battle during The Roasted Duck War between the German and Finnish fleets. On the sight of the overnumbering subamarines, Finland ordered the sensible - she ordered her ships to retreat to her ports, while German forces fought on. Though Germany lost hundreds of her planes, Russia started respected Germany for their heroism during the naval battle.
File:Su-47 Berkut TD-04.jpg

Friendly towards:-


Aggressive towards:-


On good terms with:-

  1. America
  2. Poland
  3. Germany
  4. Israel
  5. China

Main exports:-

  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Mineral
  • Chemicals
  • Natural gas
  • Weapons
  • Ammunitions
  • Military vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Military aircraft
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Textile
  • Lumber