The Norwegian Bombings were two incidents that collectively composed the second part of the North Atlantic Conflicts. Here, Ireland made several bombing attempts to try and coax Norway into declaring war on Ireland, to avoid attracting the wrath of NATO like was done previously. Chronologically, they came inbetween the Three Idiots and the Roasted Duck War and German-Finnish Tensions.

Norwegian BombingsEdit

Following the Three Idiots and the Roasted Duck War, in 2028, Ireland executed various bombing attacks on Norway. First, Irish agents planted several bombs in Viking museums and gave the Norwegian government a latter demanding that Norway declare war on Ireland. After a second, similar letter was sent, Germany and Ireland both offered to send anti-terrorism forces to Norway, even before Norway activated their own.

Bodo StrikeEdit

In 2039, Ireland began a second attempt to get Norway to declare war. 5,000 Irish agents were on a convoy of ships sailing near Norway. One ship was loaded with drugs and stopped by security, causing a diversion. The other ships loaded their 'cargo', the agents and a massive cache of weapons, to the shore. There the operatives loa
ded all of the ammunition and themselves on to trucks, which were to be driven to the air station at Bodo, to execute a bombing there. However, the Irish agents had failed to account for the fact that hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, thousands of guns and thousands of agents could not be stored in a measly fifteen trucks. Further, using trucks would have resulted in the agents getting caught through a number of methods, as E Chip pointed out much later.


The attempted attack on Bodo would later prove to have devastating consequences, especially for Luimnigh, who would later lose his country because of it.