The North Atlantic Conflicts were a six-part series of war, tension and terrorism between Luimnigh, Olaf and Pen Par with Rache Glock supporting Luim with technology, supplies and tactics.


The Three Idiots and the Roasted Duck WarEdit

In The Three Idiots and the Roasted Duck War, Olaf repeatedly insulted Luimnigh when Luimnigh suspected of him of a terrorist attack on a British oil rig which had actually been perpetrated by Rache Glock. Luimnigh promptly declared war, but tried to reverse his declaration when he learned that Norway was in NATO. Wanting the war, Olaf and Pen Par then took advantage of the situation to attack Luimnigh. However, the war was a series of blunders, resulting in most casualties being caused by their own side.

The Norwegian BombingsEdit

After the war, Luimnigh made two attempts to bomb Norway in what is called the Norwegian Bombings. In the first attempt, he bombed several Viking museums. When that failed, he attempted to bomb and take over a Norwegian airport which housed a significant percentage of Olaf's Air Force. However, the means he used to escort his agents to the airport failed, meaning that attack was never completed.

German-Finnish TensionsEdit

After that attack, German-Finnish Tensions began. Luimnigh, having been embargoed due to the terrorist attack, then restarted in Sweden. He tried to war Ireland on the grounds that Ireland tried to bomb him. For this claim, Sweden was then embargoed, causing Luimnigh to restart in Finland. He tried to war Ireland and Sweden, but the war was simply voided this time.

Pen Par then set up spy satellites in case of an attack by Luimnigh. This lead to Luimnigh sending Finnish ships near German waters and painting messages on the rooftops of government buildings, to be read by the spies.

Roast Goose WarEdit

In this Roast Goose War, Luimnigh warred Olaf, claiming that Norwegian border security was an invasion force. Olaf declined German assistance, wanting to take Luimnigh on himself. After Olaf botched the war severely, Pen Par decided to intervene anyways, although he arguably made just as many errors. Russia then intervened, ending the war. Although a peace treaty was never signed, it was assumed that Finland got some part of Norway.

Voided WarEdit

In the Voided War, Luimnigh fabricated a Norwegian attempt to bomb him and then invaded Norway.

The war was later voided because foreign powers would intervene in the war, although moderation said previously that the odds of foreign intervention were virtually zero.

Possidetis WarEdit

Although it was voided the first two times due to moderator error, the Possidetis War was where Luimingh conquered Norway. In the third iteration, Norway attacked Finland to reclaim the land it lost in the Roast Goose War. Using superior numbers, Finland defeated Norway at very heavy costs.