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  • Scorched000


    June 19, 2012 by Scorched000

    Due to a recent problem, we have temporarily moved the chat from this wiki to our BoD Wiki.

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  • Scorched000

    Well, the Wiki Chat exploded and I can't get it back up and running through the Admin panel. Apparently this is happening over the ENTIRE Wikia network, so we're going to improvise!

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  • Scorched000

    For the past 3+ years, Nation Creation has been centered on RuneScape, but not anymore! For the first time in NC history, the game has been successfully moved to its own site with its very own domain! :D

    For those of you who don't know about it already, feel free to head over there, sign-up and begin playing. If you have any questions, ask on the site or go to the Wiki Chat and ask there.

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  • Scorched000


    March 31, 2012 by Scorched000

    Recently, there was an Executive meeting in which we went over the chat policy, and we have made a far better and simpler chat policy.

    For starters, there are TWO ways that you can get your warning count reset to 0.

    1. Go 1 full week without getting anymore warnings.
    2. Receive a warning reset by an Executive (CEO/ED).

    Now, as for the actual policy, here it is:

    • Informal Warning: This comes before your FIRST warning (If your warnings are reset, you get another informal warning) in which the mods are able to give you a warning that does not count. You only receive one of these, and once you have received warning one (Until you are reset), you have no more informal warnings.
    • Warnings 1-3: These warnings are just what the name implies - warnings. Basically,…
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  • ~Farma

    Okay... so recently... I have updated the NC Land List to include more features such as more detail and easier accessibility. If you want to check it out click the orange text that says 'NC Land List'.

    You have to click the header for this to click the link, if you are reading this on the homepage :)

    ~ FarmaScape

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