Luimnigh is a not very well respected player of Nation Creation, and formerly of Create Your Own Country, Create A Modern State, and many others.

Luimnigh began playing CYOC games with Create Your Own Country, with The Republic Of Heaven. Later, when Nation Creation restarted around NC 20, he went on a joining spree, in which he joined almost every CYOC-genre game. Most of these countries failed. His Nation Creation country, Eire, actually survived for most of the last NC, finally falling after he annoyed Rache Glock accidentally. He had survived invasions by Liam of Fez, I'mJoeDude, Egypt, Twilight, Mosquitoes, 123xyz8, Heaven (Possibly.), usually with aid from other sides. The invasion that started it all occured when Liam of Fez used superior naval power and tactics to invade Ireland and cease the shipment of reinforcements from the African colonies. The only reason why Eire survived was due to the fact that the other half of the Empire of North America, controlled by Kyr Paidiou (Akuma Zero), was reluctant to allow the destruction of a whole nation. Unfortunately, this did not stop a second invasion that was this time stopped by threats of moderation from Scorched due to Akuma now livid with Luim.

After his destruction, he went on a month's hiatus, returning when NC restarted again. It is theorised that his country's death may have been a factor in NC's loss of activity. When he returned, he found himself, once again on friendly terms with Rache Glock and Ranthar Wane. He restarted as Ireland once again, and found himself on bad terms with Olaf and Pen Par.

Usually, he was generally thought to be bad at warfare, giving too little details, especially in the so-called Window-Washer War. He appears to have learned his lesson, as shown by The Three Idiots And The Roasted Duck War, the Bodo Attack and the Roasted Goose War. However, Glock gave him masses of advice, even down to troop movement levels. Had glock not been telling Luim what to do, the war would have gone far worse.

Due to the Bodo Attack's failure, he was forced to restart as Sweden, who he then invaded Ireland with, which caused him to lose Sweden and a thread's worth of restart privileges. He is now currently in Finland, Norway and Iceland, having finally conquered part of Norway in the First Possidetis War and the entirety of both in the Second Possidetis War.

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