LiveLong689 (aka Redskin689) is a Create a Modern State player, and was the head moderator of Create a City-State. He has run four different countries; the first being the Bahamas, which had a weak military and little growth. Live breifly quit CAMS but returned to rule Antarctica. This country froze over in the first two weeks. Live restarted and chose South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. This country, called the Monarchal States of America, saw poor leadership. Live was eventually banned for reasons unknown.

This next summer, however, Live came back in the new CAMS and rules the Southern Republic of America , by far the most successful of his countries. Live also started Create a City-State, a brief thread set in the middle ages. The thread got 19 pages, then died. Live literally made it die when Rome developed a time machine, stole the US's nuclear arsenal, and destroyed the world. When CCS was revived by The Omni1, Live was the advisor...until it died again, even faster this time. When activity in CAMS slowed, Live created Livestan (Texas) in Nation Creation.

Nothing is known about Live's origins, but he plays RuneScape very little and is a nonmember.

List of coutries:

  • Bahamas (CAMS)
  • Antarctic Federation (CAMS)
  • Monarchal States of America (CAMS)
  • Southern Republic of America (CAMS)
  • Republic of Quaftsion (CYOC)
  • Republic of Cuba (NC)
  • Livestan (NC)
  • Central European Republic (CAMS)


  • Live is a Christian, probably Protestant.
  • Makes multiple refrences to Call of Duty, Seinfeld and Star Wars.
  • Has played with 4 CAMS countries, 1 CYOC country, and 2 NC countries.
  • Refuses to use smileys, curse words or lols.
  • Admires Darth Vader, Jerry Seinfeld and Captain MacMillan.
  • Celebrated Festivus with the Airing of Greivances in CAMS.
  • Compares Rache Glock to Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Prefers CAMS because it has an objective.
  • Live has been confused for Legless562 3 times, by Djinn Spell, Rache Glock, and Pen Par.
  • Live has just under 1000 forum posts.
  • Live has controlled 5 North American countries, more than any other [known] player.


  • Somewhat reasonable
  • Mildly OCD
  • Does not cooperate with nonsense.
  • Usually good-natured, except when encroached upon.

Political Views:

  • "Moderately Conservative"
  • Dislikes Wall Street protesters
  • Believes liberals are ignorant.

War History:

  • Cold War with Rache Glock in CAMS. Live somewhat lost.
  • Invaded NPC Georgia in CAMS. Live won.

Current Player Relations:

Allies: The Omni1, E Chip, Djinn Spell, Rpvictor

Allies he doesn't like: Rache Glock, F3NR3L.