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The Imperial Armed Forces of Avalon arose from the Old Indian Republic's Military when Avalon was officially declared. They are to be called upon when our Empire is in need, and will defend Avalonian Soil to the very end. The Holy Emperor assigns soldier divisions into numerous classifications, ranging from Holy Knight of the Round, down to New Recruit. The soldiers born from the training campaign are among the best trained in the Galaxy, fit enough to survive most hostile conditions and continue the fight and resourceful enough to keep fighting when supply lines have been cut. The Imperial Forces name alone carries the weight of iron, and can cause even the most powerful nations to re-think their current diplomatic position with the Avalon Upper-Command and the Emperor himself.

Fleet CommandEdit

File:Treadway command platform by strangelet.jpg
The Fleet Command, called FleetCom by soldiers and civilians, is the branch of Armed Forces in-control of all Avalon Fleets and fleet movements through-out our territories. They keep a watchful eye over our galactic shipping lanes as well as inter-stellar public transits to ensure the safety of all Avalonians. The Fleet Command is also the regulator of Weapons of Planetary Destruction, ensuring that all Warships carrying a planetary destroying payload stays a certain distance from a Home World Territory so that an accidental discharge is avoided completely and if it does occur, we have enough time to either evacuate or disable the WPD before touchdown is confirmed.
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The Fleet Command operates in most sectors of the Galaxy, establishing Avalonian footholds in distant systems to protect our interests in the area, or supporting our Allies against an enemy force. Fleet Command also establishes a regulation on Interstellar Mining operations, though the regulation is only to prevent a market flood of raw materials and to ensure that our Military and Civilian needs are taken care of in times of uncertainty.

Imperial Shock ArmiesEdit

The Imperial Shock Armies serve as a joint-branch operation by Fleet Command and Strategic Command, where thousands, if not millions, of soldiers can quickly descend onto a planet within a few minutes time and begin operations instantly. There are a number of ways for them to safely descend, most are through a Fast Transport Support Craft, which can carry entire battalions onto a planetary surface in under five minutes. However, there are special cases where a single man or squad is dropped from orbit with the aid of a special pod (ODST), though these are only for covert operations and are not used as frequently or are as known to the public.
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Shock Armies tend to be more heavily armoured and given more experience with weapon systems than a normal Imperial Soldier, since these men will instantly see action and must be prepared for it. Soldiers in the Shock Armies will see combat for a 6 month tour before being given a considerable break. Training begins and will take place in 3 months time, and then the soldier will be ready to resume combat operations.

Space WarfareEdit

Avalon's strategy for Space Combat is varied depending on the situation and what is at stake for a win or loss. For the most part, it is to cripple an enemy Fleet until they cannot fight instead of complete obliteration, though that can easily be changed with with a simple command. There are many secrets surrounding the Avalon Space Fleet Tactics, as it seems to be ever-changing and no two battles consist of the same ship placement and firepower, making it hard to expect and counter.

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Due to the competitive nature of the Imperial Fleets, there exists many rivalries, formed by who-is-the-best, or who serves the Empire the greatest. Even though it is friendly rivalry, it improves the will power and attack strategy of individual Fleets, though causes tensions when they are all assembled.

Strategic CommandEdit

Strategic Command, called StratCom, is the branch of military that operates on the planetary surface of hostile worlds, carrying out combat operations with logistic support from Fleet Command against enemies of the Empire. It has been called the Sword of the Empire due to quick ability to strike almost instantly across the Galaxy for the Emperor.

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Soldiers under the command of Strategic Command vary drastically due to the need of differing operations on planetary surfaces, ranging from a common, lightly armored footsoldier to an Autonomous Mobile Command and Attack Structure.

The Fleet Command has numerous branches under it's arm, each with different roles in combat so that they are prepared for any type of assault at a moments notice. Such branches include: Planetary Navy, Surface Air Support, Mobile Infantry, and Autonomous Combat Operations, just to name a few.

Home FrontEdit

The Imperial Armed Forces are praised as heroes by the Avalon populace, symbolizing bravery and raw power to our citizens. Citizens are not required to house, feed, or care for soldiers, though most do so out of gratitude for their service to the Empire.

Many organizations run food drives, resource collecting, and recycling missions to help our soldiers fight on foreign ground and to ensure that they know they are supported back Home. Many children identify their favorite heroes with past Military Officials or soldiers of great importance, making them out to be the superheros of their age.