The Imperial Arean Empire is a coastal based nation that was created in the year 1500 in the Light Era.Recently is has recovered from extreme social Darwinism and is working on rebuilding itself into glory.Created by F3NR3L, IAE is under the reign of the His Imperial Majesty, Emporer Lelouch De Areana, Twenty-first emporer of the Ere Empire whom has not decided his Heir yet.

The empire allows diversity and welcomes new culture and new religion, although the primary religion of the empire is the Teachings of the Mother Diety Darva.

It was destroyed in the pest control war by Rache Glock.

Daily Life:Edit


The Teachings of the Mother Diety Darva is the official and primary religion of the IAE.Mother Darva is a living diety that is the longest lived member of the Arean race.She is said to be the birth mother of all Areans and to be the god of birth and fertility.By her teachings the Areans live, all that is corrupt in foul must be dealt with and those who are good and pure will be gifted with happinness and eternal life after death.


The IAE is a large costal stretch of land on the north-western hemisphere of Zarg.Covered in thick plant life and numerous forests, The IAE has a large abundance of resources and have over 100 species of unique plant species.

Animal LifeEdit

The animal life is amazing, anything from sheeps to sabre-tooth Tigers and much more.There is currently 123 indangered species on the island, much of them being rodent species similiar to squirrels.Being one of the most diverse countries in animal life it is common to see thousands of animals, simply walking through a forest.Many of the races have migrated here to hide from the industrial nations nearby, so they may live without fear of death or torture.

With large flocks of cows and sheep, the country has a abundance of animal based resources.



Originally IAE was ruled by the Dakaran Empire which stretched continent wide and was a extremely power nation, with a population of over 1billion.A group of 100 Arean slaves got up in the middle of the night and slaughtered their masters, quickly they had begun to form a massive slave revolt fighting the slavers out of their homeland.