Between the Norwegian Bombings and the Roast Goose War was a period of tensions between Germany and the new nation of Finland.

The Rise of Finland:Edit

Shortly after the Norwegian Bombings, it was revealed that Ireland was the one who orchestrated them. Ireland received severe international condemnation for th
e attack, to the point of receiving massive embargoes, which brought about riots eventually causing Ireland to descend into anarchy. Luimnigh, ruler of Ireland, decided to restart as Sweden.

Sweden then declared war on Ireland, but due to not specifying why, the soldiers refused to follow orders, prompting the Swedish government to claim that Ireland had attempted to bomb Swedish airlines. After a show trial, it was quickly revealed that Sweden’s claims were trumped up. They in turn received international condemnation leading to embargoes, although not as severely as with Ireland. Luimnigh then restarted as Sweden.

After attempting to declare war on both Ireland and Sweden, his declaration was voided and he was prohibited from restarting for a thread. Luimnigh was going to stay in Finland for a while.

Spies and Satellites:Edit

In 2048, Germany launched a spy satellite, for the stated purpose of
detecting a Finnish attack should it occur.

In 2049, Finland, to taunt Germany, sent several military ships near German waters. Germany threatened to fire the next time that Finland committed a similar act and Egypt also expresed concern. Finland then painted messages on the rooftops of government buildings for the Germans to read via their spy satellite.

In 2065, tensions flared up again between the two nations when Finland apprehended German spies.

Then in 2066, Finland attempted to shoot down the German spy satellite. Germany and Finland then brought their argument to the United Nations, each demanding the other being embargoed. Finland then caught even more German spies. Germany sent a team to break the two teams of spies out of jail, but they in turn got caught.


Again, the struggle was still to continue. Finland was about to make their next move in what would be known as the Roast Goose War.