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Elemon is a planet in a fictional solar system in Nation Creation and formerly Create Your Own Country Classic. Five countries exist on the planet's one continent, one of which is the Omental, controlled by Rpvictor.



In the year 3000 BC, five Zelagah came to Elemon and each formed a mature male and mature female being, all of the same race, which they called the Eluboj. Each of the Eluboj grew close to his or her creator, and their creator did the same. The Zelagah taught the Eluboj that they had created some of the powers of the Zelagah’s element. Tropominio taught the wonders of air, Cinerinos taught the glories of fire, Okeasanu taught the mysteries of water, Akantha taught the secrets of earth and Libau taught the power of life. The Zelagah remained on Elemon for 100 years, in which time the population of the Eluboj grew, and the Eluboj organized themselves into clans, based on their creator.

The clan of Libau, one of the Zelagah, asked Libau to teach them of taking away life. Libau refused and in a fit of rage, the entire clan began attacking Libau, to try and learn through experience. With a sweeping aura of death, Libau killed them all.

The Zelagah then announced to the other four clans that due to the attempt on Libau’s life, they had to leave Elemon. With much weeping, the remaining clans began to settle upon the planet, naming their nations after the Zelagah who made them, desiring to live their lives in such a way as to bring about their return. So, the followers of Tropominio made cities on the high ground of the west, close to the sky, the followers of Cinerinos settled along the volcanic East, the followers of Okeasanu expanded along the southern coast, and the followers of Akantha took the mountainous north.

The ElubojEdit

The Eluboj, the race that inhabits Elemon, are similar to humans, but there are still major differences.

Except for the Okeasanu which tend to be four inches taller, the Eluboj average 6 feet at full height, making their limbs and digits longer.

The Eluboj have almost no hair, allowing for higher up eyebrows, the only hair they have, and larger eyes. Irises are of varying color.

Skin color varies depending on race. Tropominio are a cloud-white color, Cinorinos are lava-orange, Okeasanu are sea-blue, Akantha are dirt-brown and Omental are lavender. Eyebrow color is similar. Curiously, the Omental differences appeared as if by magic as soon as their country was recognized. This phenomena has not yet been explained.

Tropominio have wings, capable of low-altitude flight. Cinorinos have extremely small scales rather than skin. Akantha have a spined back. Okeanasu have webbed digits. Omental have enlarged heads.

Eluboj infants are born smaller than human infants. The lifespan for the average Eluboj is 300 years. Physical maturity is reached at 50 years. 


Tropominio worships air and is the most prosperous. Formerly, the king or queen controlled the federal government while the clergy controlled the states. About fifty years ago, protests began for a pure democracy, which Tropominio is now. That led to the decline of the nation. The public’s unpredictable votes are causing businesses to leave.

Cinerinos worships fire and is the second most prosperous. The country is a theocracy, with priests and priestesses operating all levels of government, claiming attunement with fire. Cinerinos is rapidly on the rise, as they seem to be the most sane and stable of the nations. Unknown to the general public, they have recently attempted to buy the resignation of a mayor of an Akanthan city-state.

Okeasanu worships water and is in the middle. The country is a mediocire isolationist oligarchy with high protectionist tariffs.

Akantha worships earth and is the second-to-least prosperous. The country is a kingdom, officially, but the king has little power. Instead, unofficial city-states rule, keeping Akantha permanently weak. The only thing that the federal government can do is maintaining their alliance with Cinerinos by blindly following them.

Omental worships none of the elements and is the least prosperous nation, having recently declared independence from Cinerinos in protest of their theocracy. Cinerinos did not use military force, as Tropominio immediately said it would fight for Omental if it came down to it.

Natural ResourcesEdit

Brau is a plentiful grain of Elemon, and can be grown almost anywhere in Elemon, although it has been known to flourish in Akantha and not do as well in Okeasanu. It is similar to corn, but the kernels are smaller and crunchier.

Frug is a delicacy fruit, found only in a single district of Cinerinos, and is known for its spicy taste. It resembles the common eggplant in shape, but the fruit is red. Egabilis is a vegetable similar to bamboo shoots, and is most common in Tropominio.

Oraus is an uncommon metal that is found most frequently in Akantha. It has a grassy-green color and is about as strong as most steel. Teow is a tree that grows in the water, making it a god resource for Okeasanu. The wood is remarkably sturdy.

Usos is a domesticated black bear native to Tropominio, raised for its meat. Icthyo is a fish found in the waters of Okeasanu. It is about a foot long and tastes rather sweet. Diune is the equivalent of petroleum on Elemon. When refined, it is used in several fuels. It is most abundant in Cinerinos, whether underground or off the coast.

Recent EventsEdit

Omental has recently separated from Cinerinos, citing lack of religious liberty.