Djinn Spell is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that has encaptured the CYOC-genre for generations. Ever since his mysterious appearance on create your own country here 2, creating Djinnaken, Djinn has been a vital part of the community, from his usurping of power in creating CYOC 3 to his creation of trademark forum classics such as Create Your Own Life, One Nation, One Government, and the newly anticipated hits Create Your Own Country Classic and Organized Crime. 


Djinn Spell is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, deep fried and placed into a taco shell.

Debbie SpellEdit

Djinn does, in fact, have a Somalian niece. She is bald, and very fiesty. This is one of Djinn's less spoken of family members, but a family member, nonetheless!

Djinn's Family: Exposed!Edit

Yes, Djinn has a family, which consists of many members, such as Debbie Spell, Don Spell, and Granny-D, who is a DJ.

Djinn's Cartographic Persuit Pertaining to Fictional Lands (DCPPtFFL)Edit

Any comments please leave on the DAW Beta thread. This is a very rough sketch of his and Gnuispir's kingdom in DAW.