The British Empire and Nera do not presently have diplomatic relations. Although their relations are usually reasonably amicable, the British Empire has recently unilaterally terminated diplomatic relations, citing fears for their diplomats when it was revealed that diplomats in Nera do not have Diplomatic Immunity. The British Empire usually insists on Diplomatic Immunity as a prerequiste for diplomatic relations, since they state that without it, their diplomats are unable to perform their activities properly and without fear of arrest. Already most of the companies of the British Empire have withdrawn from Nera, citing a lack of relations as the primary reason. The issue has been complicated further by Nera's application to join the UCN, with the British Empire saying that they will have to terminate Diplomatic Relations with the entire UCN should Nera join without reinstating Diplomatic Immunity.

The issue has been lightened somewhat by the change of structure of the UCN and the formation of the PCR