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Bismarck actually started on Nation Creation long ago as the Chinese Empire (which, surprisingly had no land in China but only in Central Asia). This is stated to have occured in NC17 (or in that general area). After failing majorly in Nation Building, he went on a hiatus until he discovered a RuneScape-based CYOC called Empires at War where he met Ranthar Wane and Rpvictor. He gained some experience with building a Nation here, but still made "Noob Mistakes". As EAW declined to a near halt, he discovered another CYOC-based game called Feudal Lords. He began as Venezuela, which still was failing due to his inferior skills. Venezuela was fairly disputed until someone named Joe, who owned Brazil and had Colonies in Venezuela, returned to FL to reclaim his land. Bismarck left South America and had to restart in an African Country named Angola (which, was not too exciting). He attempted to continue playing, but soon he heard of Nation Creation restarting, so he had to get in on that. Unfortunately, because he had played EAW, he was still considered an EAW-Noob (which are only a little better than CYOC-noobs) by the great Liam of Fez. Fortunately, he was able to be reconsidered as just a noob which is a little higher than a Human being. He started again on Nation Creation as the Republic of India. It was here when he actually started to build a Country that was worth something other than utter failure. There is a large gap between his playing style of FL and his style

in NC, which is disputed as to how he changed so quickly. Of course, he was still new to NC and still made some of the Noob Mistakes that would get him into some trouble later on. Nowadays however, India is a major Nation in the world, a Superpower to some, mostly due to industrialization and countinued up-keep of Infrastructure. India keeps relations with most Player Nations, the strongest connections being with the North African Republic, Japan, The Congo, Germany, USK, Colombia, and at times, Mexico.

At the current time, Bismarck plays as the Holy Empire of Avalon, which is situated in Japan and has a hold over most of East Asia and numerous chokepoints and Colonies in Space. Avalon currently has the leading and most powerful Economy, and has the Best Overall Military in NC. This is much cause for hatred against him by other players, but Bismarck, like the Honey Badger, just don't give a shit.