The Republic State of ReachEdit

The Republic State of Reach was formed on March 6, 2011. The founder of the country is Attacker732 (Me...), and the country (Along with the military units, name of the capital city, etc...) was inspired by a mixture of Halo, history, and whatever else my mind happened to cough up... To this date, it has been a relatively successful country, and has not been destroyed. (Yet, I'm keeping my fingers crossed...)

The Republic State of Reach puts a significant amount of resources into having a powerful military, one that not only has a numerical advantage, but a technological advantage (Hopefully...). That being said, it's military is still weak compared to the majority of CYOC players (I think...). The military places a heavy emphasis on spacecraft, railguns, and WMD's (Just in case...). A prime example of this is the OMEGA-class, which automatically combines spacecraft & railguns...

Culturally, The Republic State of Reach is very similar to the United States. Ex: A capitalistic republic, with a mixing pot of a population; however, in The Republic State of Reach, the civilians control the gov'n.
File:Flag 2.png

As for (Official) allies (In order of the alliances being formed...), there is Juton, DUTML, GEH, & the Twin-Gods Empire. An alliance had been formed with a player named 'I Am Galt', however the alliance had been terminated due to his inactivity...

About me:Edit

  • I'm American (Not sure if that's good or bad though...)
  • I'm somewhat impatient.
  • I hate basketball, yet that's the sport I'm best at... (I'm still confused by that...)
  • I enjoy playing minecraft... (Shit, 3 creepers! No, please don't blow up my house! ...Damn it...)
  • I play Runescape (Duh...)
  • I'm somewhat prone to being lost in thought...
  • I am fairly intelligent.
  • I'm fairly disorganized... (Ex: I've lost stuff when it's just 5-10 ft. from me... And just look at how disorganized this list...)
  • My best school subjects are Math, Science, & History...
  • I'm very determined, and don't know what 'Give up.' means...

I think that's it... Correction, I hope that's it...