123xyz8 is a old player of the CYOC genre games on the Runescape Fourms. He has been playing these games since 2008 and is a highly respected player. Most, if not all, p

layers do not know much about the person behind the Runescape character. The only thing known is that he is Taiwanese, lives in San Diego, California and is between the ages of 13-18.

Background for 123xyz8Edit

There is not much known about 123xyz8. It has been suspected that he is an American Citizen is in either Middle or High School. What is known is that 123 has some knowledge of military information/tactics but not a whole lot. He has a fondness for strategical games

Things Known/Confirmed facts about 123xyz8Edit

  • A well respected member of the CYOC community
  • Has a fondness of killing new people
  • CYOC's resident Attack Dog
  • Helped try to kill Djinn many times (and subsequently failed, thank you very much)
  • Is faithful to CYOC
  • Taiwanese
  • Lives in San Diego, California
  • Has a hatred of Ultramantid
  • Is annoyed easily by noobs
  • In-game character is obsessed with Paintball guns
    File:Adolf Hitler.jpg
  • Has over 24,000 Fourm posts
  • Quit RS in 2010
  • Uses Steam
  • The clown face on this article scared the crap out of him.
  • He stopped Legless562 from building a Death Star, because "He had one".

Unconfirmed Facts about 123xyz8Edit

  • Is a crazy, psychotic person
  • Is not the age most people think he is
  • He has met the President of the United States of America
  • He is a evil person
  • Has plans for World Domination
  • Does he have FRIENDS?!
  • He has FRIENDS?!
  • Loves either classical or heavy metal
  • Really Smart
  • Really Dumb
  • In between

Nations that 123xyz8 has foundedEdit

123xyz8 has founded many countries over his times playing the CYOC genre threads. The most powerful, largest, and most known country is the Neros-Pwnage Empire. Original is was known as the Republic of Neros before merging with the Pwnage Empire cometime during the late single digit CYOC's to mid teen's CYOC's.

There have been other countries 123 has made though that are also famous. He created the Western States Republic in Create a Modern State which later became the Federation of American States, the various countries during Feudal Lord's numerous restarts as well as in Nation Creation, Create Your Own Runescape Kingdom, Remnants, Rising Empires, Turning Point, and other threads not mentioned/forgetton by the man writing this.
  • Republic of Neros --> Neros-Pwnage Empire
  • Western States Republic --> Federation of American States
  • Imperial China
  • Republic of Turkey
  • Realm of 123
  • The Old Republic
  • Republic of China
  • People's Republic of China
  • New Republic of California
  • More....